Monday, 9 January 2012

The Shooting of Beaumont - Jackie Brown (3:33 - 7:42)

The scene that contains the shooting of the character "Beaumont" (the character in the blue shirt) starts with an effective shot of the two characters looking into the boot of the car. The shot used here is a shot used by Quentin Tarantino on several occasions - for example, it is used in Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs. Robbie (the other character in the black shirt) persuades Beaumont to get into the claustrophobic, trapped area that is the boot of the car. Both the car and the claustrophobic area and stereotypical thriller aspects. As Robbie puts on his black gloves, he foreshadows the death that is coming. This is through the black colour of the gloves, which symbolizes evil and death. In addition to this, the colours of the two characters in this sequence are a contrast that tells you about the characters. The relative "good" character is wearing a bright blue shirt (blue often connotes heroism, such as in the entrance of Harrison Ford in "Witness") and Robbie, the soon-to-be murderer is wearing black (as aforementioned, this connotes death and evil).

Furthermore, the combination of his look backwards towards Beaumont, his smirk, and his careful observation of his gun tells us that he is planning something, likely to be the murder of Beaumont. As he drives into the location of Robie's death, the camera pans out. Robbie then stops the car in a deserted, dark area where no one can witness the crime, gets out and shoots Beaumont. The quick, merciless style of his death makes it stand out more and strike you. The area that it takes part in is another obvious thriller location due to the dark, run-down nature of the location. Also, the long shot and the deserted location show that Robbie is far away from society and the community.


  1. Well done Will for submitting this work, I'll asses this when I have a little more time.

  2. Well done Will, another proficient analysis. Think about context, remember there is nothing heroic about Beaumont, he is luckless, naive and vulnerable, he's also a small time crook!!! The long shot also indicates Ordell's lack of empathy thus connoting his psychopathic nature.