Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Jackie Brown - Opening Scene Analysis

The opening sequence to "Jackie Brown" is an excellent piece of film production that immediately draws you into the film. The static shot of the woman (Jackie Brown) against the moving background makes her look like she is gliding along, without any resistance. This makes her look like a powerful, dominant figure. Also the lack of emotion shown by her means that you do not connect much with her character immediately - this also makes you unsure of her character. This also give her a sense of power.

When she is striding through the airport, her large strides combined with the low angle shots reinforce the sense of power that Jackie Brown has. Also, as she walks in a straight, direct path with nobody and nothing obstructing it, this further backs up her powerful look.

Another important part of this opening scene is the soundtrack. The lyrics at the start can reflect her job - the lyrics "trying to break out of....a day-to-day fight" can tell us that she might not be entirely happy with her job or status. It also tells us that she is someone who is ambitious and is fighting to be more than an average person.

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  1. You have satisfactorily. identified the charismatic representation of Jackie Brown in the title sequence, apparently one of the longest tracking shots in film history!!! Her body language, inscrutibility and that she is striding forward on her own indicates her confidence despite the fact she is an air hostess and working for the worst airline in the USA!!!