Sunday, 13 November 2011

Planning for my Thriller Opening - Shot List

Shot 1: Boy is in bed with diegetic sound of birds tweeting - very high angle shot

Shot 2: Hear a loud diegetic gunshot. Boy jerks upwards in bed, birds flutter away (diegetic sound). Heavy breathing. Cuts to medium close-up of boy in bed from front. Head and shoulders shot.

Shot 3: Single static shot of boy getting out of bed and walking into upstairs hallway. Shadow quickly moves at end of hallway without boy seeing.

Shot 4: Over the shoulder shot as boy walks down hallway.

Shot 5: Boy goes into parent's room - bed covers ruffled etc. POV shot opening door etc. sound rises in tension, volume etc. as door opens.

Shot 6: Very high angle shot down stairs as boy walks down them

Shot 7: Low angle shot at bottom of stairs as boy gets to the bottom - match on action - rule of thirds - two thirds stairs, one third hallway with shadow or reflection flicking by.

Shot 8: Point Of View shot of the television buzzing, and the father’s head seemingly watching it.

Shot 9: Close up of father’s head, and boy’s hand, nudging father, reveals fatal wound

Shot 10: Extreme close-up of crest (or mark) on father’s neck

Shot 11: Medium close up of the boy running out of the house and into the street

Shot 12: Over the shoulder shot of enigmatic figure in the boy’s bedroom reloading 1 bullet into a handgun.

Shot 13: Medium close-up of the boy running down the street. He turns round a corner to see a car with it’s headlights on in his way, blinding and blocking him.

Shot 14: Over the shoulder shot of another, similar enigmatic figure in the car.

Shot 15: Another extreme close-up of the mark on the second enigmatic figure’s neck.

Cuts to black, with the title “Marked” and the mark in the background (in a similar place as to where the mark was in the previous shot).

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  1. Some very promising planning Will. I saw a very effective camera movement and angle on "The Killing" (BBC4 Danish thriller) where a low angle shot of a camera panning up the back of a chair was ominous; the shot made the chair look menacing. You could use a similar shot of the boy finding his father, low angle shot of back of sofa, with camera panning up the back of-+ chair until it reaches an over the shoulder shot of the father's head. Of course at this stage the boy hasn't discovered his father is dead. You could practise this shot.

    How are you going to record bird sounds?