Monday, 28 November 2011

Image Analysis - "Thelma and Louise" - Ridley Scott (1991)

The shot is in a car park - this is a generic thriller location. The look of the car park tells us that it is set in the past, not modern day (2011). This is due to the signs in the background.

The lighting in this shot is non-ambient (from a light source outside the shot). The light reflects on one side of the woman with the gun's face, and combined with the expression on her face, it makes her look crazy and dangerous. This gives the feeling that she is the one in control in this shot. In addition, the light reflects off of the gun and makes it stand out in the shot. This makes it the focus of the shot, and forces people to see it and the danger it brings.

Camera Angle:
This is a medium close-up shot. The man suddenly looks vulnerable - his power has been taken away and he now looks weak and cowardly.

Representation of Gender:
The representation of gender in this shot is not stereotypical like in many other films. In this shot the roles have been reversed, and the woman is the one in power (the femme fatale, possibly). The man is the one who is restrained, cornered, and defenceless. This is interesting as seconds before this the man is asserting his power over the other woman in the shot (the one without the gun). The roles and stereotypes have been instantaneously reversed.

This shot shows the woman in power - this challenges gender stereotypes. This is like in Quentin Tarantino's films, like "Kill Bill Volume 1 + 2" as the woman is powerful and independently strong.

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  1. A satisfactory write up of the analysis you did in class. Do note costume is also important. Note the noir lighting which is a convention of the genre.
    Continue to develop your ideas, note Louise, who has the gun is not objectified, thus her costume which is not overtly feminine reflects her ability to control aspects of her life.