Monday, 19 March 2012

Soundtrack Ideas

These are the soundtracks we found that could be used in our thriller, "From the Dark". We ended up only using a select few, but they are all focused around building suspense and tension, and so assisting the feeling of being stalked in our thriller.

The soundtrack is a vital part of our thriller. Without the extra suspense built up by the soundtrack, the thriller loses a lot of the fear factor we have tried to achieve.

Furthermore, we needed a loud gunshot for the start of our thriller, when Jonathon Cody wakes up. These are the possible sounds we found for this gunshot:

This will be the noise that is heard when Jonathon wakes up. It could either be a sign that something bad has happened, or the end of a nightmare giving a bad omen about what might be about to happen. It could also be thought of as something that foreshadows later events in the thriller.

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