Tuesday, 11 October 2011

This is the opening scene from "Kill Bill Volume 1" which starts with a diegetic soundbridge to immediately make the audience tense, frightened and thrilled. Because of this, the audience is absorbed by the film straight away. It is a brilliant example of a thriller's opening scene. This is because of effective camera shots like the one that tracks th footsteps of "Bill". It also ends on a great cliffhanger, while also clearly stating the enemy and victim/hero of the scene, and whole film. It also contains excellent acting and an element of fear. The fear comes from the woman's bloody face and her obvious trauma, the sinister man, the dark, gritty feel of the scene and the gunshot at the end. The use of black and white is very effective in this scene. It shows that the scene is a memory or flashback, it makes it look better (as the many colours would look messy and unorganized in full colour), and contributes to the dark, gritty feel of the scene.

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  1. Though your analysis could've been developed your points reflect understanding of film language, particularly the use of flashback.